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    Fibro Fog

    Recommended Natural Fibro Fog Treatment (clickable links contain more info)

    Remember the suggestions you were given when preparing for the SATs?  Those same methods of eating carbohydrate rich veggies and breads, as well as fish and eggs, can help reduce that foggy feeling.  Try taking a few high quality Omega 3 capsules along with a well rounded, complete breakfast and feel the improvements throughout your day. Incorporate low mercury fish (Flounder, Snapper, Salmon, Tilapia,  into your dinner plans a few times a week.  Stay away from energy drinks.  While they may liven you up for an hour or two, because you experience cognitive problems, your crash may be that much harder, thus irritating the symptom. 

     (check with your doctor before beginning a new regimen)


    What is Fibro Fog?

    Otherwise known as cognitive dysfunction or brain fog, fibro fog is a term used to describe the general confusion and cloudy-mindedness that comes along with the condition.  This is a very common symptom amongst fibro suffers and can be especially disconcerting for those who had previously experienced life with a very clear mind. The foggy feeling within the mind is enough to cause anxiety on it’s own, which only increases associated difficulties.  This can become an uncomfortable and vicious cycle, so working on lessening the occurrence of flare ups is important for a Fibromyalgia sufferer’s mental and emotional well being.  

    A great visual as to what fibro fog feels like

    What Causes Fibro Fog?

     The cognitive abnormalities that commonly take place in Fibro sufferers may occur for several reasons.  Mind clouding medications,  inability to reach a restful sleep, pain, lack of natural hormones and chemicals, the depression that often comes with FMS, and decreased blood flow are some of the possibilities.  Research has proven that those with Fibromyalgia very commonly suffer from some form of cognitive dysfunction.  

    Symptoms of Cognitive Dysfunction

    When brain fog is acting up, you know it, especially if you didn’t have it before you got Fibromyalgia.  You’ll be in an in depth conversationthat you’re entirely interested in, and suddenly completely forget what the topic was, much less what you were in the middle of saying.  This can be frustrating for both you and those you’re involved in conversation with. Some other examples would be often forgetting what you were saying,  thinking or needed to do, an inability to come up with the proper words to describe feelings or a situation (etc), difficulty writing, stuttering and difficulty understanding and retaining information.  Bouts of dyslexia may also occur.  This symptom may also be accompanied by extreme sleepiness and fatigue.  The frustration that comes along with this symptom can be depressing and cause irritability.  It’s probably safe to say that most everyone with Fibromyalgia has heard “Spit it out!” from others, on a decently consistent basis.   


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