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    “Turn your wounds into wisdom.”  -Oprah

    Projectfibro.com Goal

    After some trial and error, we came up with the idea for this website to share what we hope will be shortcuts for others.  We have found that many websites involving FMS are a little off putting, at least for us.  We see a lot of pictures of sad faces.  We see big words and articles that make me yawn.  We see a lot of technicality.  We rarely see positivity, hope and encouragement.  We don’t often see the option or suggestion to try alternatives.  This deterred us from a lot of websites and Fibro groups.  It’s great for people to have others to share their woes with, and peers to ask questions about similar experiences to.  In addition to these things, to gain a real sense of community, we think it’s important to share some of the “ups” as well and to let people know “I’m feeling a little better today, maybe it’s because I (fill in the blank) yesterday”. Feel free to do so in the comments section of our posts.

    Our hope is that this site will bring together a positive community, as well as provide up front and easily understood information with a “You can do it!” twist (as annoying as that can be at times) and give the visitor a more personal experience.






    The recommendations and information on this website are not by that of a professional and are based on a combination of personal experience and personal research.  Everything stated in “about the owner” is true.  Information on the site is not to be used in place of professional health care.  Always speak to your physician before starting a new regimen-even those using only natural resources.  Nothing on this website claims to be a cure, as there remains to truly be one.  Not every recommendation has been tested by those who run the website. Their goal is to share information, with the realization that some products may be more useful to some than others.

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