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    Pain Management

    Generally, the first complaint from someone suffering from Fibromyalgia, is the physical pain it puts them through, day in and day out.  No one wants to be bogged down by narcotic pain medications that leave them feeling groggy, irritable and confused. There’s enough of that going on in someone with fibro, without any added chemicals!  In the long run, pain medication is simply not good for our organs.  It can really mess with our livers through time and that is a pretty terrible issue to add to the full table.   Since there remains to be a cure, the chances of getting rid of pain altogether aren’t too high.  However, this doesn’t mean that the only answer is to “give up” and pop 2, 4, 6 pills throughout the day.  It’s like putting a dirty band-aid on an already open wound; it may protect the gash from the elements, but it’s spreading it’s own kind of infection in the mean time. While chemicals aren’t good for you, being in overwhelming pain can be just as physically and mentally damaging with the stress it causes.  This where a middle ground needs to be found.  The process of lowering medication doses is something you can go over with your doctor, so that you’re able to do so without any form of withdrawal.  

    If you’re considering other forms of pain relief, you’ve come to the right place.  As with everything else, different things work for different people. From heating pads and heat therapy to acupuncture and creams/lotions, there certainly may be an option that suits your needs.  Keep in mind that strengthening your mentality, diet and exercise habits will likely positively add to the results you come across through trying additional forms of pain therapy.  

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