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    “The healthy and strong individual is the one who asks for help when he needs it.  Whether he’s got an abscess on his knee or in his soul.” – Rona Barrett

     Some of the following suggestions will be highly beneficial for some, while sounding outlandish to others, but bear with me, as I’m hoping to cater to a wide range of personalities.  As mentioned, everyone’s struggle is different.  Click your area of interest for more details and informations on the benefits of exploring these options.  

    Mental Health Guidance (click for more details)

    • Speaking with a therapist or spiritual advisor (available anonymously online)
    • Ask a doctor 
    • Change the way you think-maintaining a positive outlook when it seems impossible
      Fibromyalgia happy idea
    • Online dating   
    • Self-Help books and ebooks
    • Meditation
    • Natural Supplements                             
    • Breathing exercises
    • Positivity driven movies and documentaries
    • Music and Audiobooks


    Being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia is life changing.  Never being sure when when symptoms will flare up can hold someone back in many aspects.  People with Fibro mayProject Fibro Sad feel alright one minute (and reaping all of the happiness that comes along with it), and feeling like they got hit by a truck in the amount of time that it would take to… get hit by a truck.  This is an extremely frustrating occurrence for both the sufferer and loved ones.  This affects our ability to be reliable to others and to ourselves.   It’s no wonder that many Fibro suffers deal with depression.  Beyond the less-than-average output of serotonin experienced by those with the condition, related symptoms  are bound to cause isolation at some time or another.  It’s imperative to keep a sound mind throughout these times.  Without a thick skin and a will to power through the hard times, the possibilities of finding yourself in a dark spot are much higher than that of a healthy individual.  There are tools and guidelines that can be followed in order to help keep one’s head up.  Acceptance is the first step.  Ok, you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic condition that doesn’t have a cure, and no doubt, you don’t want to live the rest of your life tied down by medication, so what’s next?  Fibromyalgia is not a killer and it shouldn’t be allowed to be, in any sense of the word. There will be good days and bad days, but the way you look at your bad days can dramatically affect just how bad they are.  

    Where to Start

    Exercise should be made prolific in the life of anyone with Fibromyalgia.  Mentally, it  promotes the release of endorphins, which has been proven to increase both Project Fibro angryfeelings of well being and thresholds for pain!   That being said, where does the will to get through the painful exercise come from?  How can one reach the proper mindset in the first place?  Everyone needs to figure out what works best for them, on their own, as each individual is different, and their inner struggles vary.  Are you angry that you went from being a relatively healthy person, to being struck with a daily laundry list of symptoms? Upset that others aren’t understanding?  Frustrated with cognitive issues and cranky because you simply don’t get a restful sleep?  To begin improving, you need to ask yourself what the problem is.  It can’t be as simple as “I have Fibromyalgia, it sucks, the end”, can it?  Maybe so, if you’re not looking to improve, but you’re here because you want to feel good.  I created a list of what I wanted and how I wanted to feel.  I’m constantly examining my irritations and what causes them, and looking for a way to kill the issues, at the root.   

    Manageable OptionsProject Fibro dissatisfied

    There are SO many natural options to improve one’s sense of well being; several of which are available from the comfort and security of your own home.  Because Fibro has rendered many unable to “get out” as much as they’d like, the internet has proven very beneficial towards taking a jump in the right direction.   First and foremost, findsomething you like, and do it.  There is something out there that will create inner peace and can genuinely lead to less pain and the dimming down of other symptoms. Stress is Fibromyalgia’s best friend!  Continual stress will lead to symptoms spiraling out of control.  Make time, daily, to engage in what relaxes your mind and gives you a sense of satisfaction.  

    For information on cognitive dysfunction associated with Fibromyalgia, visit our FIBRO FOG page.  

    If you need a fast laugh, visit our “Instant Pick-Me-Up” section for funny videos, guaranteed to brighten spirits!   Or visit our forums to talk with others.  




     If you are seriously depressed and/or contemplating suicide, PLEASE seek professional help immediately.  Call 1800-273-8255 to reach the National Suicide Prevention hotline.  This is not something to lose your life over. It can get better. 

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