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    Online Therapy, Online Doctors and Spiritual Advisors

    Online Therapy

    Depression is common in those suffering from Fibromyalgia, and it’s no wonder why.  With a plethora of aggravating symptoms that can lead to isolation, anyone is bound to feel down-and-out.  Beyond that, the lack of dopamine and serotonin that tends to be found in fibro patients can make these negative emotions uncontrollable.  Multiple forms of therapy are often recommended to those with the condition.  Due to the intensity of some symptoms, often, it can be difficult to attend a weekly therapy appointment.  Out of home therapy is  likely the best option, as you are able to discuss what is on your mind, face to face with another individual.  If this isn’t possible for you, you may choose to go the online route, or to pepper in a few online sessions, along with face-to-face appointments.   A benefit to online therapy, that in person treatment doesn’t provide, is anonymity.  You are free to be completely open with every emotion, without the worry of judgment.  It should be stated, however, that in person therapists are not going to judge you, either.  They have heard it all and are there to help with your struggles, not make them worse.  Therapists do not prescribe medication (that’s for psychiatrists), thus, therapy can be labeled a “natural” treatment. 

    Recommended Online Therapy Service

    Live Person
    This website offers professionals in almost every category, including therapists and psychologists.  You’re able to speak with the specialists live and in real time.  A major plus is that their services are offered 24/7 and you can usually begin your session for free and get a feel for whether or not it’s the right choice for you.  The link below will guide you to the therapy section of the website where you’ll find professionals in the fields of depression, anxiety, coping and pretty much any other topic that may be plaguing you.  This is a great, comprehensive option. No BS.   You’re also able to read reviews from other users before choosing your counselor. 

    Direct link to Live Person’s  counseling section:


    Online Physicians

    There are great websites that provide users with the ability to ask medical questions to board certified physicians.  They will provide in depth knowledgable and factual responses to most any question you have involving your health or symptoms.  This outlet can help to ease your mind in a timely fashion.  

    Recommended Physician Q&A Service

    Just Answer


    Live Person
    Again, Live Person’s website is great for any advice.  They have MDs on duty to take your questions live or by email.  You can even speak with dietitians and alternative medicine experts.   You’ll be introduced to a list of physicians and choose who you feel is best for you, based on speciality and user reviews.  

    Direct link to liveperson medical advice:


    Spiritual and Religious Advisors

    Spiritual advice may not be for everyone, though it has become very popular.  A spiritual advisor will ask what you’d like to know and provide you with information they feel they can read from you, via clairvoyance.  This type of therapy involves astrology and often, archangels.  

    Recommended Spiritual Advisory

    With this coupon, , you’ll get $10 off your first Psychic/Spirituality reading from LivePerson
    Live Person $10 Off


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