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    Distract yourself from symptoms instantly with these funny and impressive videos!
    Newest videos appear at the top of this page.

    Whale Shows Gratification After Being Saved
    Really amazing and worth every minute. 

    Talking Animals
    There’s a whole show dedicated to this in England! The accents make it that much more comical.

    Heidi Klum Pranks the WB Store on Ellen DeGeneres
    Heidi Klum acts like a (hilarious) lunatic in the WB store in LA 

    “I Gave My Kids a Terrible Christmas Gift”
    Jimmy Kimmel has parents give their kids a “gift” a little bit early.  Watch their cute reactions. 

    Puppy Yells “ELMO!”
    Also sounds to me like he says “Mom! Elmo!” So weird and cute! 



    “The Best Pole Dance…Ever”
    This woman shows us that pole dancing can be not only classy, but an olympic style sport.  Speechless.



    “Dog LOVES the Bath”
    Pup lays on his back in the bath tub.  Cutest thing ever.  


    “Red Flag”
    Hilarious Saturday Night Live skit starring Kristen Wiig as a giant red flag.



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